Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Civic Pride missing in Nairn?

This week the Nairnshire Telegraph turns once again to analysis of Nairnbairn's Carbuncular activities and the prize of infamy that Nairn had, it seems, no real chance of winning. There's a two page spread with comment from many of the usual suspects and some unusual ones (pages4&5). Again a hard-hitting editorial with a few more broadsides in the direction of the Bairn.

"Nairn is not perfect but to erect its defects into a case for Nairn being the most dismal town in Scotland was potentially highly destructive."

Plenty more where that came from and if you have 45p you too can have a browse. Continuing though, Iain Bain states something that makes this observer wonder if perhaps he has gone slightly off-beam towards the end of the editorial.

"One thing is certain. Nairn badly needs to develop its sense of civic pride. This has been missing for generations and it is not helped by our remote local authority." The editorial must be read in full context however, Iain goes on to make comment on the town centre and those involved in "squabbling".

If Iain is suggesting that Civic Pride is missing at the top tier (i.e. those that go through to Glenurquhart Road on our behalf to make decisions along with the other 76 Highland councillors) then this observer would contend that it isn't amongst the ordinary punters. Thousands of people in Nairn take a great pride in their community and the fact that they live in a place that is so attractive and contains a sense of community, something that has eroded considerable elsewhere. Yes we are ruled by an Inverness organisation that often refers to us as "Ward 19" and it could even be suggested that it maybe suits the centralist philosophy of Highland Council to let the identities of the periphery fade away but Nairnshire still exists and so does the title "Royal Burgh of Nairn" if we chose to use it - other communities in Scotland are not shy in continuing to do so.

Our civic pride has manifested itself time and time again over the years at meetings (the most recent being the massive protest events held by NICE) and there are many in the community willing to put their hands to the wheel in attempts to defend and improve the town and environs. The civic pride is there, is it simply the case that the community needs better leadership?


Nairn Day said...

Games day is perhaps one event that brings many of us together, perhaps we could have a Nairn day as well when all that is good in Nairn is on display.

We could hold it on a Saturday with traffic banned from the High Street, there could be numerous stalls from the many groups and organisations that operate within Nairn and maybe open-doors for some businesses. Maybe a harbour festival could be held on the same day, march by the pipe band etc

There is so much that we have to celebrate Nairn

Anonymous said...

talk sense man,the idea of blocking off high st to cars,and what is good in nairn,huh,not a lot,what about disabled people that have to use cars on high st

Bumper sticker said...

How about "I love Nairn" stickers for the rear windows of our cars, let's promote Nairn and show we are proud to live live here

Could we not help Cllr Graham Marsden as well with "I love real venison" stickers

It would cost very little to produce these and would be an excellent way of highlighting our pride in Nairn and Graham's election campaign

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea I think I,ll try and make my own, I am not joking..

Anonymous said...

An "I love Nairn"car sticker is a good idea, why not progress it by asking for a grant from the Nairn town discretionary grant to get it manufactured.

Go for it - take it to the next step, get the funding and produce them. they could, for a small cost, be put in every Nairnshire Telepgraph and get distributed, with others available to pick up from various places in the town.

poopascoopa said...

Nairn badged dog poo bags is what we need. Bin your pooches poops with pride, and do your bit for keeping Nairn's pavements and beaches dog poo free