Thursday, December 01, 2011

Can any Gurn readers help Hamish?

Hamish Dunbar told the Gurn: "Many years ago when I was home on holiday my wife and I had a wander round the Old Parish Church near to the river. I remember a plaque above the door facing the railway and the inscription thereonreferred to persons with the names David Dunbar and Margaret Hay I have a fairly comprehensive record of my genealogy dating back to the mid -seventeenth century and since most of my ancestors were farm workers it's unlikely that the plaque related to any of them. I am anxious to learn who these people were and have made enquiries at the Museum in the town, in Inverness and in Edinburgh but have had no success.”

Here is the plaque that Hamish mentions. Sadly it is in a very bad state now and after another couple of winters there will probably be nothing left. Does anyone have any information on the David Dunbar or the Margaret Hay mentioned?


Anonymous said...

I did a google search and have found a book 'Collection of epitaphs and monumental inscriptions: chiefly in Scotland By Robert Monteith'.
Within the book it states This monument is consecrate to the memory of Mr. David Dunbar, second son to James Dunbar of Boath; who, having discharged the pastoral office in this church of Nairn, with greatest applause of fidelity, for the space of 20 years, died pleasantly in the Lord, 21 February 1680, and to the memory of Margaret Hay his spouse, William and George Dunbars and their children. Hope this helps.

Graisg said...

Hamish sends his thanks for that information anon.

Graisg said...

Now some info from Irene for Hamish:

The information has come from the Fasti records of the Church.
David Dunbar was the Minister of the Riverside Church from 1638 - 1660.

David Dunbar born 1615, second son of James Dunbar of Boath; educated at Kings College
Aberdeen: MA 1631; Ordained to Edinkillie 8th. June 1637 - transferred and admitted after
3rd. April 1638 was elected to Alves 26th. April 1649 but declined. He died on 21st. February 1660.
He married Margaret Hay and has issue William and George who became Minister at Riverside
Church in 1687.

I cannot confirm the following, I can only assume because of his background David Dunbar would
maybe have married someone from a similar family background,
He could have married one of the Hay's of Inshoch, very near to Auldearn.
The ruins of Inshoch Castle can be seen beside Penick Farm on the A96 on the left before Hardmuir Fruit Farm.

George Dunbar was also educated at Kings College Aberdeen; MA 1673. appointed Schoolmaster
of Auldearn on 10th,. January 1672. Passed trials before the Presbytery and certified for licence on
21st. November 1676. - Ordained to Dallas 13th. October 1682. Presented by Thomas Kay
Dean of Moray, transferred and admitted to Nairn 25th. May 1687, Died December 1728