Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The easy way to deal with doggie jobbies - a red tartan Poo-Ch

You can see below that once again (two posts below) that dog turds have been discussed at Community Council level. If you are a responsible dog owner that picks up your pet's turds then there is now a product that you can buy to save you the bother of carrying that plastic bag too far. What's more it's a local product too: "The discreet way to carry doggy pooh on the move."
Even if you are not a responsible owner, this could be your chance to redeem yourself and look stylish at the same time.


The streets of poo said...

Are these bags available from the service point?

streets with no dogs said...

We appear to have a phantom dog menace as every dog owner I meet will say 'it's not me' and then to go on to complain about all the dog s**t on our pavements, paths, beaches etc

In the words of that very wise sage Jeremy Clarkson I would suggest offending owners are lined up and shot, not that there would be any as they all claim to be blameless!

Anonymous said...

The Poo-ch is available from www.thelittlecawdorbagco.co.uk