Monday, December 12, 2011

Andy Wightman Common Good Campaigner heading for Inverness on by-pass issue

"Give the folk of Inverness their land back. Let them have their say in a referendum," tweets Andy Wightman. Andy is the author of "The Poor had no Lawyers" a book incidently, that was recommended to this observer by none other than our very own usual suspect, Alistair Noble. (The Poor Had No Lawyers provides a fascinating and in depth account of how Scotland's vast commons were converted into private ownership through a variety of legal devices.)

Andy has also blogged:
"Highland Council are proposing to build a new road – the West Link– to provide a southern bypass for Inverness and allow traffic travelling from the A82 to the A9 and vice-versa to avoid the town centre. I have no view on the merits or otherwise of the proposal or any of the particular options. I do, however, have a view on the fact that Highland Council are in a state of denial that part of the land required for the new road belongs to the Common good Fund of the Royal Burgh of Inverness. This does not, of itself, prevent a road being built but it may require the Council to seek the approval of the courts and would certainly entitle the Common Good Fund to be receive a capital sum by way of compensation. The story has unfolded in an interesting fashion..." More on Andy Wightman's blog.

The man himself will be in Innverness tomorrow night he states:
I will be giving a public lecture in Inverness on Tuesday 13 December at 7pm at Royal Highland Hotel. Tickets £5 on the door

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