Friday, December 30, 2011

Opening of the River Nairn 2011 - video flashback

Thanks to Murray MacRae for this video capturing the events back in March on the Jubilee bridge as Laurie swings the bling once again and throws a dram away into the burn.

More videos available now on Gurntube.


double standards said...

Bunch o' loons disturbing the peace and openly drinking alcohol in public, where are the polis when you need them? I just hope they didn't break any bottles

Anonymous said...

Hmm was that a reformed poacher I saw in amoungst the crowds..
Aye how times have changed!

Sober Up said...

In reply to double standards if you look at the photographs of Nairn Games Day 70%percent of the people watching the games were drinking you forgot to put in your complaint about that.

sloshed said...

Only 70%?