Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A bit of colour next spring to cheer up a horse's life?

This observer was up having a look at the roundabout today and considered phoning the SSPCA but decided not to - best stay out of it hey? More pictures of Each Bochd here.
Billy also reports that the other side of the road from the horse and cart is due a make-over from the Keeping Nairnshire Colourful crew. He told the Gurn : "The keeping nairnshire group hope to do something in 2012 in front of the Milk Board building on the A96. The plan is to plant up a boat with perennial planting and to use the dolphins as well in this planting scheme."


Son of Steptoe said...

Anyone know what the mileage is on this horse and cart? I could do with a new mare

growtosow said...

i think you could get a few miles out of it yet, and other thing you do not need a bucket and shovel with this one. lol

Gee up said...

Perhaps the horse could be included in the 'lick 'o paint' High St project next year, not sure as to where you'd get funding for the new ears though?

Until then it will just have to be Nairn's horse carbuncle which might feature in future entries for that popular award

Trigger said...

Can I be the first to wish the horse A HAPPY NEW EAR.

Ok i promise no MARE jokes.