Monday, December 12, 2011

Donald Wilson's blue bin gurn

This in from local resident Donald Wilson:

Local council operatives flexing their muscle today. Refused to uplift my binful of plastics, tins cardboard etc. Put a sticker on my blue bin for an offending couple of plastic supermarket bags I had placed at the top of the load containing piles of other plastic and cardboard material. For 'contaminating' the load with two plastic supermarket size bags my penalty is now it won't be emptied until December 31. Now that's clever. What the h*** do you do with accumulative waste over Christmas.

By the way - I was considering being a good citizen and taking a shovel to clear the mess of debris including food waste in the car park behind Barron House once rented by the council. If we wait long enough the rats are going to move in and it'll cost the council a lot more to clean that little lot up. I'll leave them to it! No doubt they will argue it's private property and run up a legal bill costing the taxpayer hundreds to get it cleaned up.

Little wonder people shake their heads at the jobsworths running the country. I know everyone is subject to the same rules. But a simple sticker reminding me about my responsibilities re plastic bags would have sufficed. So much for the season of goodwill.

Donald Wilson


Joe said...

Well Donald, I have a solution - If you wheel your blue bin up to me it will be lifted on the 22nd which makes it a bit earlier than your next lift.
A wee bit Christmas spirit from me, all the best Joe.

4 options said...

1) Joe

2) Bag it and throw it into the service point

3) Bag it and put it in the Green bin

4) Bag it and chuck it in the yard behind Barron House

Anonymous said...

Sorry Donald but the bin men don't have time to inspect each load and lift out any offending items, you need to recycle properly, don't put plastic bags in it !

fare wage for a fair days.. said...

Seem to remember from a previous post that Donald had put his MIL in charge of recycling? Maybe time for a seasonal pay rise?

Anonymous said...

Get Green Dad on the case for the Christmas paper problem Donald, he'll know how to fix it

Green Poilis said...

Are you sure this is your first offence Mr Wilson?

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen with Xmas wrapping paper I won,t be talking every bit of selotape off and I a sure no one else will.... So green bin will be full again this year

donald said...

Donald said: Gurn over. Issue resolved. Thanks for offers of help and comments both supportive and otherwise. Anonymous is correct the bin men don't have time to inspect every bin and they do an important job often in attrocious weather. But I am asking for a common sense approach and a warning sticker would have sufficed. Fair wage for a fair days... is correct. I did write a feature on this issue and this is exactly the heavy handed scenario that I said should be avoided.

Where's yer said...

Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low,
Through the streets wi ma bin I'll go,
And all the scaffies shout hello
Donald sort your blue bin

About Me said...

Try pillow cases instead of wrapping paper! Seriously. Tie with a ribbon. Or newspaper and ribbon. I'm prepared for a post-Sellotape world. Are you?

The Highland Muse Team said...

I hope you manage to recycle your Secret Santa gift OK this year Donald, brown bin should be fine!

Christmas swim said...

I do hope Donald doesn't get an electronic tag for his recycling crimes

Graisg said...

Flashing green sirens seen heading for the brae!

Anonymous said...

Donald said: Now I have a new song to learn for the ceilidh season. Doo the street wi ma bin i'll go.

Old yin said...

I used to put my tin cans into a plastic carrier bag when we had the blue boxes for recycling paper and cans. This was when the sorting of paper/cans seemed to be happening at the roadside and I thought it would help matters

I now try and read the kite marks on the bottom of plastic items as best as I can, but I'm sure I'm putting the occasional non blue bin item in the bin as an honest mistake

It's a shame theres no mood to enforce recycling by supermarkets. I'm sure if there was there would be an immediate end to excessive packaging

Meanwhile back to the blue bins. I'm sure one day I'll get the warning sticker and the non emptied bin. The whole exercise seems a little farcical to me the way it's been rolled out. We should really be recycling everything and not just the items chosen by Highland Council, I know some people just put empty bottles in their green bins

Whatever did we do in the days before recycling. I wonder if the young folk of today would cart empty bottles back to the shops as we did for a few pence?