Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boozing and disturbance on the Khyber

The Gurn understands that boozers on the Khyber brae disturbed residents of Broadhill with shouting and breaking of bottles last night. It seems two police cars were dispatched and dealt with the disturbance. Local residents swept up a large quantity of glass in the morning.

It had been claimed at a River Community Council meeting recently that alcohol was being consumed on the Khyber after being purchased from a convenient nearby off-licence.


Anonymous said...

Boozing on the Brae has been going on for some while. Why do they have to smash the bottles? All that glass on the footpath is dangerous for kids, old folk, dogs and not very good for bikes. Well done the folk who swept it up. Time the little b*ggers who were smashing it were made to sweep it up or, better still, not allowed to be hanging about there in the first place.

Problem Sorted said...

If the police want to stop underage drinking permanantly in Nairn why dont they look at the cctv cameras in the shops that have sold the alcohol to the underage people arrest them and also charge the shop owners for selling alcohol to the underage people problem sorted or is this matter to hard to solve for them. I can gaurantee if they did this problem of underage drinking would be solved very quickly but can they?.

Graisg said...

The Police have made major efforts in that direction over recent years anon. The problem is often of people who are old enough to purchase alcohol preferring to drink in the open rather than pay more money in the pubs.
Sometimes they do it quietly, fair enough, and sometimes they misbehave.
At the end of the day however, the bottles sometimes get smashed and the shops have taken the money.

Anonymous said...

bring back the lash,they would soon learn to behave

Throw the first stone said...

I'm guilty of being a rowdy in the past and probably causing a nuisance to law abiding citizens tucked in their beds for which I apologise

I cannot think what it was but I expect I did something just as bad as breaking bottles, such are the effects of alcohol and youth

I'm not making excuses for the behaviour being reported here, merely saying that it's repeated by generation after generation, and when you're a young loon responsible actions are not always thought about

What is different now is the low price of booze. Our binges were confined to Friday and Saturday nights, now it seems as though some folk drink all week long, at least with booze bought from the supermarkets

The problems of drinkers on our streets has increased with the price gap between off license sales and that charged by pubs/hotels widening, and drinking establishments in Nairn and elsewhere being almost empty

My rowdy nights also tended to end at around 11:00pm when places closed, we rarely bought off sales for the drinking to continue, but all that has changed, even the beer itself is much stronger

I don't know where you start to tackle booze culture, but even though there has been much criticism of the Scottish government's attempts to tackle the problem at least they are prepared to make a start, so they get my full support

Folk on Broadhill can only hope for a cold snap, that should solve the problem in the short term

Anonymous said...

The Police can't help unless residents let them know what is happening. If you have problems call them!!

Anonymous said...

Throw the First Stone highlights the booze culture of Scotland, from generation to generation. And from all "levels" of our society. Hear the teens relating their tales on the corner; hear the Rotarians relating their tales on a Tuesday lunchtime after the Curlers Court or the Farmers Annual Dinner. If you are not part of it, if you don't laugh at the tales you are an outsider.