Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oor Sandy and Graham hit the campaign trail?

Letters in the Nairnshire this week from the Convener and Cllr Marsden. Sandy has come out fighting, stating in reply to recent material in the paper that Nairn has had a good deal out of Highland Council over the last 16 years. Oor Graham has a suggestion on how citizens can cope with icy pavements.

Could both these gentlemen be starting their re-election campaigns already? Lots more in the Nairnshire this week including a "happiness" feature plus postcode delivery rip-offs. Also an in-depth analysis of the shattering defeat suffered by the Wee County at Mosset Park. Where was Santa? And the Highland Plan, reaction and analysis. The Nairnshire Telegraph, Christmas wouldn't be complete without it!


The muppet show said...

Well that pair of clown's will never get my vote !

Anonymous said...

And don't our councillors do well in their respective letters.

Sandy defines 'new' as projects that were completed as long ago as 1995, hardly new in my mind

Graham urges as all to wear spikes on our shoes during snowy weather, no doubt to combat the sometimes poor gritting services we now sometimes have to endure. Unfortunately these shoe spikes are often expensive and not that easy to get on and off. In the likes of the co-op I find my spikes to be very slippy so they need to be removed, not so easy if you're elderly or wrapped up in layers of clothing

burger flipper said...

I reckon it's time we got a NEW leader of Highland Council

skite said...

So... our Lib Dem councillor Mr Marsden now has two campaigns, real venison in Sainsbury's and shoe grips.

Isn't it about time he got a grip of all that is really important in our community?

Anonymous said...

Sandy is keen to let us know that Highland Council have spent millions in Nairn since 1995, and so they have, although we (Nairn) still owes money for the building of the new community centre so I'm not really sure if this really is a full achievement as yet?

However, the New list which Sandy gives in his letter published in this weeks Nairnshire is by and large projects whereby the existing fabric needed replacing, there's not much by the way of completely new items

The large gaping hole in the town is the derelict buildings around centre of town, and also the council owned land now up for sale. You have to wonder what buildings if any are going to be thrown up in these spaces and how long they will last before they need replacing.