Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inverness revolt on Common Good brewing?

Something perhaps for our own students of Common Good matters. The Gurn understands that some of our own usual suspects who have taken an interest in Nairn Common Good affairs were at the meeting in Inverness where campaigner Andy Wightman was guest speaker. The Stushie centres around the route of the proposed by-pass that Highland Council hope to build. The BBC reports:

"Community land rights campaigner Andy Wightman said the Inverness Common Good Fund would be due compensation if the land was built on.
Now West Link Protest Group and Inverness Civic Trust have challenged Highland Council on the matter. In a joint statement, they said:
"The council's rejection of the claim is based upon misunderstanding of the legal basis of common good in Scotland and assumes that as their name is on the title that they are the owners, which they are not." More on the BBC site.

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