Saturday, December 17, 2011

Danny Alexander's Christmas card faux-pas - "Danny's choice was really awful," says Liz

Danny's Christmas card just shows how much he doesn't really understand Nairn. You've probably heard of Danny's card which makes reference to Harriet Harman's "Ginger Rodent" gibe. A nice touch perhaps but there is something else about that card that demonstrates how out of touch he really is with what goes on in our community.
Gurnites will remember that much supported organisation Crossroads care , an organisation that has done sterling work here in Nairn and across the Highlands and they have a remarkable fund-raising footprint in our community, lost their care contract with Highland Council under controversial circumstances. The contract was given to the organisation from the central belt Carr Gomm. The community is still backing Crossroads however, not only here but across the Highlands. The support Crossroads enjoys was reflected recently in Sainsbury's decision to select Crossroads as their local charity partner.

Incredibly Danny Alexander's Christmas card raises funds for Carr Gomm. There is a large article in the Press and Journal today. Liz is quoted:

"Danny's choice of charity is insensitive. With the problems we've got in Nairn, of Carr Gomm not being able to fulfil the remit of the contract and Crossroads having to pick up the slack, his choice was really awful." More from Liz in the P&J and excuses from Danny plus comment from Carr Gomm.

Danny you are a plonker!

UPDATE: not everyone bothers to read the comments on articles. There are a few in now and this observer would recommend a look at the thoughts of "Well Red."


Anonymous said...

"Excuses from Danny", surely you mean explanation ?

Blueberry muffin said...

However insensitive Danny can support whom he likes, the bigger question is to who might support him at the next elections

I would suggest his Christmas card will wipe a few more crosses from his name when it comes to the vote.

The bright young political star is fading fast

Graisg said...

Sorry not allowing any "Ginger Rodent" comment. Mrs Harmen's comment was very silly and discriminatory to all ginger haired people.

Beaker said...

I thought Danny's choice of the image of red squirrel on his Christmas cards was very apt, and much like himself and his party it's a species that's in rapid decline

Anonymous said...

Liz has made a few awful choices in the past too, however I doubt they will ever appear in the Gurn.

Well Red said...

Oh Danny Boy the Nairnucks from Glen to Glen are calling for fit ye have you done your nae a squirrel but a bloody goat we all the Highlanders now no geein ye their vote, and for aw thae nutters in Glenurquhart Rd I could nae care less & nows the time tae change that companies name like you tae Carr Gormmless.

Iain said...

Sorry Gurn - but when you demean and name-call it's you who loses credibility. His charity choice is down to him and Liz is free to take political pot-shots. But I always saw your role as reporting and informing debate - unless of course you do want to be seen as a campaigner for the SNP. Nothing wrong in that of course - and I may even agree on some issues - but enough of the attempts at character assassination. Stick to the issues.

I'm a believer said...

What a shame Craisg. After years of posting here on The Gurn from Nurn some folk really don't get the point that this is YOUR blog and you will post what YOU like.

Credibility is at the discretion of the readers, who may or may not agree with your comment and views, or even understand as to what this blog is about!

Merry Christmas

saltire the seagull said...

Jings, Iain are you trying to give the Gurnmeister a job description?

Free speech, I like it!

Graisg said...

@ I'm a believer - Merry Christmas to you too and all Gurnites. Mrs Gurnmeister will be helping me adapt a snowy picture very soon for the official digital Christmas card.

Yes Credibility is in the eye of the beholder and thank goodness for that - let us rejoice.

Anonymous said...

Mr A prints the name of a charity on his cards, Mrs M is on the fundraising group of another, there is no story in that, the stories lie elsewhere.