Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sketra well? Can anyone help Alan

Alan is wondering if any Gurnites could help him with information on the Sketra Well. A name he saw on the OS map of 1867/8 and the location was at the top of Bath Street.


eileemay said...

This was one of the public water wells that were situated around the town. There was another one situated opposited the back gate of Kingullie and the Tortola well, which was situated in the seabank area of the town. I think there was also a rain water pump in the town also.

al@anliosta.com said...

Thanks for that eileemay - now you have got me looking for Tortola well too. A

eileemay said...

I think the Tortola well may have been between the back of viewfield and the clifton brae area, this is because there is a house in the area called Tortola Villa and the 1821 map of nairn shows a pump at the back of viewfield house.