Monday, December 19, 2011

Do any Supermarkets trading in Scotland offer this type of information?

This observer was in Ireland in September saw the above sign displayed in a branch of the SuperValu chain. Have any Gurnites ever seen similar information in a supermarket in Scotland giving information on the amount of goods either produced or sourced (or both) in Scotland that were being sold in that supermarket? Given the extensive use of IT in the supply chain surely it wouldn't be too difficult for supermarkets to get that information off their databases?

Oor Graham's Venison campaign (see post below) and comments about the source of supermarket food got me round to thinking about that image. Perhaps there is a marketing trick or two for some of our High Street folk. Maybe, for instance, our butchers in Nairn could proudly display that all the meat they have is sourced in Scotland?


Greenish Pa said...

I have seen Tescos in Inverness heavily advertise the organic carrots as supplied by the local company Tio, forgetting to mention the hundreds of miles that the carrots travel to be weighed, washed, and packed before returning to Inverness for us to buy

Supermarkets tend to dabble in trends, currently local food is one of them but from the above example they are not very joined up in the process, and it could be argued that they are conning customers when the whole process of local food clearly does not keep it local in terms of food miles etc

Supermarkets are just not geared up to deal with local food other than to transport it all to a central site and then redistribute it to their stores

Anonymous said...

Don't suppose they can afford to buy much in the way of imports these days

Anonymous said...

What a simple but splendid idea.

Anonymous said...

All Tio veg is supplied to the supermarkets ready for sale - washed packed etc..

Tess cosis-cheaper said...

What a load of rubbish! "Sourced or Produced" I could make a similar claim if I opened a shop and “sourced " all my stock from Bookers cash and carry in Inverness!. Wake up little Nairnites! All people really want is fresh, quality and value. And as for Marsden.... what a pretentious thing to request why not insist on local sausages or eggs. Most people up here would rarely consider buying such elitist foodstuffs unless it comes in the back door - or from under the car!