Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Nairn - a very strong community prepared to stand up for itself - parking protest tonight comes almost ten years to the day of another major protest in the town

Last night at the meeting to stop the Royal Bank Closure, Drew Hendry MP took the time to give his support to the campaign to stop parking charges in the town. He called the proposal "horrible" and said he was firmly against it. Speaking after the meeting this observer told him that it was such a shame that Nairn has to spend so much time fighting a rearguard action against proposals from outwith the town that are not in the community's interest. It would be far better if we could channel our collective energy and talent into positive initiatives that the authorities could support instead of always trying to impose what they want on us.

Tonight 13th (February) at 7 pm there will be a meeting in the Legion to try and stop (once again) parking meters being installed at four sites in the town by Highand Council. It is a battle we have to win readers, please get to this meeting if you can. 

This fight comes almost ten years to the day when Nairn residents took to the streets for a major protest to try and save the Harbour Street Post Office. The authorities got away with that one sadly, but the images below demonstrate just how strong this community is and how it is prepared to defend itself against unjust and stupid decision by people that don' t live here.  If you can't play the slideshow below then please head here to see the individual images.


Anonymous said...

When Drew and the SNP led the Highland Council, they always opposed the cries from Central Inverness councillors to charge for parking in Nairn and Dingwall.
I guess you get what we voted for. Vote Tory or Independent = get basically Tory policies. Looks like poor Laurie and Tom were ambushed by their "Independent" pals? Better choices are available people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, sadly when it comes to politicians there are never any better choices, they are all out for themselves.

Anonymous said...

"What did the Romans/SNP ever do for us" ..........?
Like every other group, some are better than others - teachers, doctors, nurses, posties, etc.