Monday, February 26, 2018

Parking charges and other matters - will civil disobedience emerge in Nairn?

No decisions or motions but serious calls at the Nairn West and Suburban Community Council for individuals and businesses to withhold their council tax and rates until Highland Council falls into line and listens to Nairnshire. 

The idea being that you pay your money instead into a fund that promised to pay the Council once the officials and power brokers through in Inverness actually start to do what Nairn wants instead of dishing it out top down like we have had for many years now. The feeling now is that the only way to make Glenurquhart Road listen is to stop giving them money.

Parking charges, cludgie charges (for some just as much as a red line as the parking charges) housing development at inappropriate sites and none at the appropriate ones, other cuts - an Academy that is falling down. It might just be that the latent anger over the way that Nairn has been treated in recent years has reached boiling point now with the parking charges finally lighting the blue touch paper. 

There was indication too of outrage in the business community and that Highland Council were delaying their acceptance of the Business Improvement District (BID) application for Nairn. Parking charges were being talked about tonight and revolution was in the air. 


Anonymous said...

Three of our four councillors voted for the budget so it is not like it went against our elected representatives will.

Anonymous said...

Not paying council tax, no matter how good the intention, will still result in a court judgement and recovery. Not a good idea.

Graisg said...

The particular initiative suggested would include a legal defence that the money was there and would be paid when the Council behaved in a more appropriate manner. One would imagine there would be a defence fund set up to hire legal professionals once the authority took action.

Anonymous said...

I'm just not going to pay parking or parking tickets.
I wonder if they will jail a 75 year old granny?
I' ll just say "I forgot".

Sherrif Fatman said...

There is no legal defence, you do not have a legal right to hold the council to ransom. Non-payment is non-payment, a court judgement will be issued in your absence then passed to Sheriffs Officers for collection of the original amount plus costs.