Saturday, January 21, 2012

Capercaillie Concerns

Picture from the Nairn Birder

Seumas, the Nairn Birder, writes to the Gurn:

"'I notice on The Gurn that some are suggesting that the Caper might be a Black Grouse. It is quite easy to mix the two, but this is definitely a Caper. Size and colour of wings - and particularly the large bill are the main give aways.

We need to handle this situation very sensitively: this is a lost and vulnerable bird and one of precious few remaining of this iconic species in The Highlands.

Please don't approach it."

More pictures of the Capercaillie on Seumas's blog.

If anyone has sighted the bird recently please contact the Gurn and we will forward the information to Seumas who is monitoring the situation.

UPDATE: Seen crossing the A96, a local motorist stopped her vehicle on one side of the road and a bus driver on the other to allow the bird to safely traverse the A96. Seems like this creature would be better off in a pine forest somewhere. Please take care if driving in the areas this bird has been seen.


Anonymous said...

I see, so now that the twitcher community has had it's fill, we're been warned to keep our distance from this bird!

It's just about chapping at my back door, but I'll ignore it

Graisg said...

Twithchers or just bird lovers ordinaire Anon I think we all want to ensure the safety of this bird (and motorists too). The update on the article illustrates why it is worth forwarding information to the Birder mannie.