Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Links School building worries return

Liz revealed to the River CC meeting earlier tonight (Tuesday) that the Health Service had indicated to Highland Council that they will be terminating their lease of the Links Clinic from the 31st of March. The struggle will now be on to find new tenants for the building and fears were expressed that the building may be sold off by the Council and knocked down to allow development. Tommy Hogg said:
"That place is close to the heart of the Community and it is a big issue."

Liz said she had several representations from clients of the services at the Links Clinic. The services provided will now be moved up to the Hospital. Oor Graham indicated that he had previously had talks with COVASS and they had shown an interest in the building and it was now his intention to go and have a chat with them. It was pointed out by Liz that COVASS's funding from Highland Council was now in jeopardy however. This was an issue we reported on in the Gurn recently.

Once again the future of a Fishertown landmark and a valuable piece of heritage is facing an uncertain future. Anyone out there need a suite of offices and meeting rooms? Please contact Highland Council if you do.

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