Friday, January 13, 2012

Sandy up for some "Access Only"

Oor Sandy is quoted in this week's Nairnshire in regard to the Westie's bid for "Access Only" areas. "Last week, Highland Council Convenor Sandy Park said he could support a Road Traffic Order along Altonburn Road but not in Albert Street, Seabank Road and Manse Road."

The ideas can get fed into the Sandown "Charette" it seems according to Sandy. Partial support for the West CC there then. More in this week's Nairnshire Telegraph. All roads lead to Sandown? If you do go and pick up this week's edition of the local paper once again this weekend, then also worth browsing is Iain Bain's editorial entitled "Roads" - an analysis of how difficulties are impacting locally as the road network falls slowly to pieces.


support the rich said...

Perhaps it would be more in keeping for the West to set up a tollbooth at the junctions to the Altonburn Road? Free access for councillors of course!

me cynical said...

There's an election coming up, so now is the time to pitch your ideas and dreams to your councillors, who knows, they may grant a few just to get your vote

Anonymous said...

"There's an election coming up, so now is the time to pitch your ideas and dreams to your councillors"

Of course you jest

Most people won't bother to vote and those that do will have blatant community destroying self interest at the top of their agenda so we can expect to see the same old faces returned.

Anonymous said...

If they go ahead, then I want complete Freedom of Information papers on how much Highland Council spends on Inverness compared to Nairn. Also how much the people in Altonburn Road will have to pay extra in Council tax for making the road private access. Since I don't want any of my money spent on it.

Anonymous said...

If the Altonburn Road is made access only, it will lead to more cars using Manse Rd.. Sea bank...and Albert St. You don,t have to be very bright to see that.
Why can we not put a 20mph signs all through the west end and especially marine road. There is no need to go faster and if people don,t like it they can que on the A96.
At this time most cars are using Altonburn Road,
not Manse,
Seabank or Albert St.
What about 20mph for the whole town. There are no roads in Nairn that are suitable for going faster than that anyway

common people said...

If every road in Nairn including the A96 was had a 20mph limit then folk might be less inclined to use the back routes. Trouble is that wouldn't make the west end different would it, and I reckon that is how they want to be