Friday, January 13, 2012

Not much cash left for potholes

"Only potholes deemed a danger will be repaired," states an article in the Courier this mornning. A very alarming and illuminating article.

"The Council only has around £135,000 in its budget to pay for temporary patch repairs across the region as well as other road works including markings, signs and repairs to gullies and verges, up to ist April, while a pot of £250,000 is all that remains to do major resurfacing and restructuring works." More details in today's Inverness Courier.

Oor Graham had a few roads cash statistics when it came to debate about the state of the Fishertown roads on Tuesday night. The Gurn will get round to analysis of that later today. In fact it will be a bit of a roads day here on the Gurn. Oor Sandy seems partially supportive of the West End "Access Only" movement. More on his comments in the Nairnshire later and Iain Bain had an editorial about Nairnshire roads and bridges too. More later Gurnites when time permits.


Nairnac said...

They could always top it up from the huge pot marked 'Cooncillors Pay and Expenses' or the one marked 'Kessock Bridge Fireworks'. They never run low.

Anonymous said...

a few tons of the local dog turds and a barrel of hardener,that,ll fill the holes for good