Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time for more community pressure on the Co-op!

Avail yourselves of the Nairnshire Telegraph Gurnites and digest the front page if you already haven't. The Scottish Government has very kindly given 300K to Oor Sandy for knocking down the old community centre and there just so happens to be enough dosh to deal with the old petrol station too. The only thing is that the Co-op seem to be reluctant.

This observer caught a bus to Inverness yesterday and was trying to imagine the vistas without the petrol station and the old centre. The former social work office/police station would stand out and so would the old rent office building. People driving through Nairn would see the car parking area better. The backs of the High Street buildings and the library ( the architecture of that building there questionable perhaps) but given time perhaps that could be broken up a little by planting of trees. We can have a rammy about what we want to go on these sites later but in the meantime let's get behind Sandy & Co in getting the Co-op on board. The facebook campaign page and Rosemary's "Kick-ass" tactics certainly worked a treat when it came to getting a clean-up for the Regal.

This morning John Finnie one of our SNP MSPs in the Highlands has tweeted that he is writing to the Co-op on this issue. Obviously the Council are working on them too but there is nothing better than pressure from the punters. Why not pop along to leave them a message on Facebook?

Also give them a tweet here.

If any Gurnties have any ideas on how to put pressure on the Co-op please share your thoughts.


Greg said...

I cannot see any good reason why the Coop would refuse the offer to have the petrol station knocked down - surely the site would have more value for redevelopment as the new owner wouldn't have to spend money on demolition ?
However, disposal of the old petrol tanks and remediation of the ground, which will undoubtedly have a significant degree of contamination would potentially cost a lot more.
But I can't see the Coop thinking it has any future as a viable petrol station in the future, otherwise they would surely have re-opened it themselves ?

The Moan ranger said...

I struggle to understand how this demolition bill would cost so much. Dispite the new and ugly additions to the building - underneath there must be a considerable amount of money worth of salvage materials ( Stone Wooden beams, metals and of course the slate roof) I fully support and encourage the removal of this eysore but hope that the work is put to a decent transparent tender process. Maybe any left over cash could be used in street scaping the project - perhaps even some of the reclaimed materials could be reused in this?