Monday, January 30, 2012

Riverside Cludgies find new homes

The redundant cludgies down at the Riverside that had been daubed with obscene graffiti. (finally removed thanks to Oor Graham) will shortly be moving to new homes. The bigger one is off to the Allotments at Sandown and the wee one goes along to Mill Road. NAS will be paying the cost of removal and installation themselves. The allotment society failed with their funding bid with the Royal Bank of Scotland but relief will soon be on the way.


Anonymous said...

That's a relief :) .

The big yin said...

Does this mean that if you want more than a 'wee' you will have to travel from Mill Road to Sandown?

Job Centre said...

Glad to hear they've got new jobs after being made redundant

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the units will be used as intended again.

Forgive me, but wiil the public still have a right of use of the facility's in the new locations.

These were very expensive units when purchased by Nairn District Council - which in effect is public coffers!

I also remember the days when surplus council owned assetts had to be tendered for sale when disposed off.

It's not my intention to be critical but i'm not aware that other local organisations were offered the provision..?

Happy to stand corrected otherwise