Friday, January 06, 2012

Flickr message for a Community Councillor?

Cllr Andrew Purkis, a new member of the River CC's team this time round after the nominations was quoted extensively recently in the Nairnshire Telegraph as regards to a list of improvements he wishes to see in the Fishertown. He said:

"I just feel a bit of community spirit and a little bit of tender care would give an extra boost to the area. We need people to spend money in this area to create jobs. And therefore, we need all the assets in the area to be in as good a condition as we can get them."

Could it be that not everyone agrees with Andrew's vision of how the Fishertown might be improved however? An interesting comment appears below this picture posted on Flickr.


Fishertownite said...

Oh dear, where to start with Cllr Purkis who is quoted in the Nairnshire speaking about 'the conservation village' meaning the fishertown.
His call for jobs and spending in the village are going to be limited to one or two establishments, and I cannot see room for anymore. Years ago there was the likes of the lemonade factory, and some businesses alongside the river and at the harbour, but now we just have the one cafe and a handful of shops at the top of harbour Street
Roads sometimes don't go right up to the walls of properties due to the feu being outwith the property boundry fence or wall in some cases.
As for weeds, I have witnessed some years ago Mr Purkis taking the issue into his own hands and going round the fishertown spraying the weeds. Personally I've never seen weeds as a problem. The fishertown has never been neat and tidy, although many properties look very nice. It's attraction I would suggest is it's setting and the numerous shapes and varieties of the houses.
I don't think pristine road surfaces nor a scorched earth policy on weeds is going to attract more visitors, and I can only assume that this is a personal issue for Cllr Purkis

Anonymous said...

The fishertown is just a collection of houses with various extensions and add ons, the fact that it is referred to as a conservation area always amuses me. That particular battle was lost a long time ago. Hardly in the same league as, say, Cromarty?

Nae much fish said...

The conservation status of Nairn's fishertown is questionable when you wander round looking at all the plastic double glazing and numerous extensions that have been added through the years to the properties.
If you want to tidy it up I would have thought getting BT to put all the phone cables underground would have been a better place to start
The road surfaces don't seem too bad to me, especially as some of it is supposed to be a 20mph zone
Removing some of the cars might make it look better, perhaps residents could park on the links and the fishertown could become a pedestrian area, a little like the Altonburn Road proposal

Graisg said...

@ anon re tree under sewage bridge etc. Would need to research that one.Have you got an approx date please?

Graisg said...

Will find out more anon thank you