Friday, January 06, 2012

Danny needs some spin - Now?

"This really isn't a bypass. Why isn't Danny lobbying for Nairn?" Asks Green Dad on twitter. Green Dad has mentioned before his belief that the proposed Inverness by-pass really is a relief road and not the full monty. Danny has waded in however, telling the Scottish Government what they should do. Yeah Danny, how about a big shout for Nairn too then? The West CC wouldn't need to campaign for Access Only signs if we had a by-pass (see post below).

More on the BBC site.

It is now over a year since the LibDems last posted anything on their "Nairn needs a by-pass Now" site. Maybe Danny's hopes of re-election next time round are looking as faded as some of the car-stickers they dished out back in February 2009 when they launched their by-pass campaign. Danny needs some spin - now?

UPDATE: Important material for all serious students of the Inverness "By-pass" issue posted in the comments by APT Sec!


Anonymous said...

And whilst we're discussing Lib Dem campaigns, what happened to Cllr Marsden's 'Real Venison at Sainsbury's' crusade?

Died a death with most other Lib Dem policies?

APT Sec said...

As you know Gurn I have made representations and had many a chat with the 'powers that be' and Transport Scotland re road and rail issues.

Funding for the 'west end' of the TLR is a well trodden path for many already.

A major Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR)was undertaken several years ago. In short,

"The STPR identifies those recommendations that most effectively contribute towards the Government's Purpose of increasing sustainable economic growth. This Purpose and its supporting objectives are set out in the Government’s Economic Strategy."

"The STPR has been undertaken using an objective led, evidence based approach to appraise potential means of addressing transport issues. This approach is compatible with Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) methodology. This approach ensures that the Government's priorities of a Wealthier and Fairer, Healthier, Safer and Stronger, Smarter and Greener Scotland are met and that investment is targeted on those recommendations that most effectively support improving Scotland’s sustainable economic development."

The STPR noted - wrt the TLR - in the STPR, Report 3, Generation, Sifting and Appraisal of interventions; Intervention 55 Inverness Southern Bypass from the A96 to A82

"This intervention generally performs well against the set of defined objectives but is a high cost, road based intervention which largely provides local benefits for local traffic."

It is not a bypass; merely a distributor road which will carry a small percentage of through traffic.

"The most technically challenging aspect of this proposal is the crossing of the River Ness and Caledonian Canal which is likely to have a potential major adverse impact on cultural heritage, soils and geology. High capital costs and relatively low benefits represent poor value for money."

Beaker said...

There are more voters in Inverness than Nairn. To give Danny his due, he can count (sometimes) and an Inverness rather than a Nairn bypass might carry more votes his way

APT Sec said...


Table E6.1.2 STAG Criteria in Report 3’s Annex stated:

"The Inverness Southern Bypass would have adverse effects on heritage, geology and landscape (mainly the urban fringe of Inverness), particularly resulting from the new section of road, which would necessitate crossing the Torvean Landforms Site of

Special Scientific Interest, the Caledonian Canal, which is also a Scheduled Monument, and the River Ness. Even with standard mitigation in place, there could be substantial effects on these sites."
"Transport Economic Efficiency (TEE): The provision of the Inverness Southern Bypass would reduce journey times and improve journey time reliability for strategic trips that are currently required to pass through the centre of Inverness. This intervention could also result in reduced congestion within Inverness and improve journey time reliability for trips in the city. However, the costs are such that the benefit to cost ratio is less than 0.75 and therefore the intervention would not provide value for money."

"Wider Economic Benefits (WEBs): Improvements to journey time, reliability and quality are likely to have a positive impact on the efficiency and productivity of businesses using the route to travel between destinations to the east and west of Inverness.
Benefits would accrue from the lower cost of travel for freight and business users with improved access to customers and suppliers."

"Economic Impact and Location Impacts (EALIs): This intervention could improve journey times and journey time reliability for strategic and local trips, resulting in increased productivity through faster movement of people and goods. The intervention could also open up the strategic development opportunity area to the east of Inverness to the labour catchments in the south of Inverness."

So, there is even a possibility that traffic could increase significantly if Invernessians 'lived south and west and worked east'

As far as I can remember lots of lobbying was done after the STPR Reports were published and the conclusions regarding this intervention may have been challenged; to no avail.

My understanding is that the Ministerial position remains no financial support from Government for this intervention based on the conclusions of the STPR.

Graisg said...

Perhaps Danny knows we are going to Moray Beaker?
Is it a done deal?