Friday, January 20, 2012

Demolition - Liz doesn't want the old Community Centre site sold

More details of what is going on with the old Community Centre have come out today with a picture and small article in the Press and Journal. We reported yesterday that the Highland Council had passed permission for demolition. Today the P&J reports that they are looking for a contractor as cash has become available after delays with other projects. The Gurn beleives this cash is from a special Scottish Government town centre fund as Oor Sandy was speaking about the like last year.

Now what will happen to the site? Liz is quoted in the paper: " I would like to see it left as additional parking for the town centre. I don't think it should be sold."

That might be the best thing because getting a parking place in the town centre can be very difficult at certain times of the week. What do Gurnites think? Keep the site on the books or sell it for development?


growtosow said...

keeping it for parking would be a good idea as it is hard to get a parking space at times.

For sale said...

There are numerous plans in the pipeline for further housing in and around Nairn. It could be argued that extra parking facilities near the High Street should be seen as part of the infrastructure that developers need to provide or contribute to
Demolish the old building but HC keep the land make it's sale is part of the planning process for the next developer who wants to build in excess of 50 homes. Developer pays for it and Nairn gets the extra parking it needs

Anonymous said...

People seemed so concerned to where to park there car it's simple WALK or GET THE BUS.What is the point in having more car parking spaces when there is no real reason to go in the high street unless you want a hair cut or a bunch of flower's ? There is nothing in the town we are told to shop local but i think in my opinion it's over priced and we need some decent shops.if nairn could get away with it they would still use a slate and chalk they are that far behind everyone.elections coming soon so lets get some new people with new ideas !!!!(Lets see the people who are stuck in the past be all negative with what they say).ONLY NAIRN CAN HAVE A BIG DEBATE ABOUT CAR PARKING !.

Jeremy McClarkson said...

Anon, many folk in Nairn now have cars and so can forgo the need to walk or take the bus

The lack of empty shops on the High Street bears testament to the fact that many people like what is on offer on the High Street and shop there, and patently judging by the variety of shops folk want more than a posy of of flowers or a short back and sides. Mind you, perhaps you just need to swing by the opticians next time you make the effort to walk or take the bus to our fine High Street . There's may a town that would be fair jealous of what we have by the way of open shops

I Like It said...

Having more car parking will encourage people from out-with Nairn to stop and shop. Thjat's got to be good.

Anonymous said...

@Jeremy i myself have a car but do not feel the need to waste petrol and let's not forget the enviromental issuse in regards to light use of our car's when we dont need to unless of course for people with disability's.
In regards to the shop's do you not think there are to many of the same ?.Unless of course i should get my eye's tested as i seem to see three bakeries around 4 hair dresser's 2 co-op's 2 flower shop's and so on in just the one highstreet.What i will say is that i would take my hat off to mr iain fairweather for his breath of fresh air in the form of his model shop.
Maybe it is not i who need's my eye's tested and i am only saying what other's think young and old.