Monday, January 09, 2012

Highland Council apply to demolish the old Community Centre

Since they are in effect applying to themselves this observer would anticipate an outcome favourable to the Council. Thanks to our regular reader who alerted us to this. Our correspondent adds:

"I think it is generally accepted that the building itself is unsound and can't easily or economically be refurbished and brought back into use. But it is nevertheless a historic building. The later extension added to it has no merit, but those who know about the early history of churches in Nairn think the original building is an important piece of heritage, It was after all the first purpose built Free Kirk?

Even if it isn't usable, the building is not about to fall down. It does seem to me slightly surprising that the Council has decided to go ahead and demolish it without any kind of public announcement or local discussion.

The other point is - does it make sense to knock it down without having any plans for what is to go in its place? Are we going to have another fenced-off piece of unused land? Or will the space be tarred over and made into more (temporary?) car-parking space?"

Good points from our correspondent. Shouldn't the community have been informed before the information went on the Council website? Good to keep the punters in the loop? Any thoughts Gurnites?


Suapcynik said...

Steady on, just because an application is infor demolition it doesn't mean anything is going to happen.
Elections coming soon too :-)

The Moan Ranger said...

There is no space for sentimentalism with this issue. The building is an eyesore and rapidly becoming dangerous. It has no economic development potential. The reality is that in the current financial climate the site is unlikely to be developed soon. Taking the cost of demolition away from a potential developer may encourage some action; otherwise a sensitively recovered site will look less oppressive to the visitors and residents. Nairn needs to start looking to the future – not over its shoulder all the time. The real debate should centre on what shall replace it in time? (I personally am in favour of a Casino with lap dancing bar )

Lap Dancer said...

It has taken 169 years to get to this
stage.If it is not taken down soon, it is going to fall down on its own accord.Then the blame game will start

innocent said...

I've heard of a dancing bear, but never a 'dancing bar'. Maybe this is what happens if you have one too many dry sherries? Sounds interesting though Mr Ranger

Anonymous said...

i see,and like what the moan ranger says re lapdancing club etc,couldnt a gay sauna be installed as well,as inverness and elgin are the only two scottish cities that dont cater for gay/lesbian/transgender ,etc,our pink pound as as good as anyone elses.
but i dont think this will get published

MAKEEDA said...

Never been up in the wilds of the North but have heard the guys of Nairn are hunky & fit & I would love to to do a lap dance if your old community centre was ever transformed into an Erotic Palace by some entrepreneur with a bit of flair & the guts to rattle the dour
Highlanders cages, I think Scotland is brilliant as it now has more Pandas than Tory MPs, I am an 20year female old exotic dancer based in Brighton who has travelled the world with my show performed in front of crowds who are mesmerized with my supple body & nothing would give me more pleasure than to grace the stage on the opening night of Nairns very own Erotic Palace with The Gurn Fans all getting complimentary tickets & a large glass of bubbly, Ya just nevva know!!!

sado said...

Gee, I bet Makeeda had his tongue hanging out whilst he typed that post!

Over The Counter said...

As long as it was just his tongue.?

MAKEEDA said...

Hey sado you cheeky sod did you not have the decency to read my comment in full which clearly states that Iam a 20year old female or are things that grim Up North that you cant tell the difference?

Anonymous said...

"nothing would give me more pleasure than to grace the stage on the opening night"


Very interesting use of language for a 20 year old

Graisg said...

Perhaps homeschooled by an ageing thespian great aunt in the Brighton of the South?

MAKEEDA said...

Can I have the pleasure of asking Anonymous what he finds interesting
in my use of the word "mesmerised"
is there an age restriction in the town of Nairn that does not allow 20year old females to make a comment???, & why the sarcastic remark by Graisg??, or maybe does it just sum up the kind of narrow minded people that I may have encounterd if I ever had visited Nairn which makes me think give it a miss girl.