Sunday, January 29, 2012

Firhall Bridge accessible options

Murd Dunbar continues his campaign for improved access to the Firhall Bridge. In a recent communication with the Highland Council Murd has been told:

"There are alternative accessible options to using the Firhall footbridge."

A slightly perplexed Murd has written to the Highland Council to ask them what the accessible options to using the Firhall Bridge actually are. This observer would agree with Murd when he suggests there are none.


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know what the accessible options were?

Yes, there may be options which allow people who have difficulties using the Firhall bridge to go up one side of the river but then they would have to go back the same way. Firhall to the Jubilee or back into the town is promoted as a circular route and because there are access issues with the Firhall Bridge then this means that this route is not fully accessible to people with disabilities. The Firhall bridge is a vital component of the 'circular' route and if you are unable to use it, or find it difficult to use then you do not have full access to this particular walk. This is a nice walk on mainly flat ground and, considering how much money was spent on the path in the last couple of years, it seems a pity that nothing was, or has been, done to make the bridge accessible. Would it really take that much?

Why not use some of the money from Sainsburys, sorting the bridge would be a better option than a projecting clock.


I have put forward a sketch as to what would be required to access the bridge. A simple overlay of the existing steps at the same level of the existing platform is all that is required. Also proved a wheelchair can be taken over. I asked on what I have put forward Received reply stating it would be possible to install. Estimate sent from chief engineer {structures} for £31.000