Friday, January 27, 2012

Inverness Courier review

The Co-op's seeming reluctance to demolish the old petrol station makes it into the Courier today with pics and quotes from Oor Sandy, Tommy Hogg and John Finnie MSP. Tommy looks very much the man of the people in this article with his fashionable baseball cap in evidence.

A nice pic of Danny on the front page too and the headline: "£500 to meet deputy PM". This is a reference to events coming up in March at the Lib-Dems spring conference in March. What a bargain! More details in the Courier.

There's going to be a labour candidate too in Nairn at the May elections, "...former Highland Council official Ashley Broadbent will bid for a spot in Nairn." That's six declaring that they will stand for the elections in May. 6 into 4 doesn't go, there will be two disappointed candidates. The ongoing poll in the Gurn side bar indicates that there is a willingness to see a wild card or two on the coupon as well. Over 50% of Gurnshire voters who have participated in the poll indicate that they would consider voting for a "Freedom for Nairnshire End Inverness Rule" candidate.


Mr Trendy said...

Correction... Tommy's cap was never in fashion, but there's still time yet

Time for change said...

What does the new Labour mannie want to see on sale at Sainsbury's then? I assume this is the standard by which we will judge candidates this year, Graham certainly got off to a popular start with his real venison campaign which gained many comments on the Gurn. I'm looking forward to hearing what the other candidates suggest

Anonymous said...

Well after two of our councillors decided to kick Liz out of the Provost office, time for the voters to exact revenge, should be sweet. Bye, bye Graham, bye, bye Laurie