Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Common Good Fund - The way we go about getting it back under Nairn control?

Here's more from Billy Young's comments at the West CC meeting last week. Previous article here.

"Within the three Community Councils you have got an elected body which represents the population of Nairn who are the beneficiaries of the Common Good Fund. I would have thought it shouldn't be beyond our wit to get some representitives, a small sub-committee, to bury whatever differences we may have on anything else, on how we want to spend the money or whether we want wetlands, or whatever, to get some strategy between us, which we can stand up to the Council: well thank you very much for your management, it's rubbish, we want it back and we've got somebody which is capable of receiving it which is the elected representitives from the Community Councils."

Sounds a very good strategy to this observer. The Gurn understands that since last week's meeting the West contacted River Community Council with a view to asking if Bill could speak to the River meeting this evening in the Community Centre at 7.30 p.m.


observer said...

Sorry, but if the West CC is advocating road closures in it's area then I would question their ability to run anything better than the council does, although it would be positive to see the CC's working together.
I fear they made a rather large mistake at their last meeting re the roads, and whilst they may have some support for such a measure in the West area it has led to some hostile comment and I fear a general mistrust of the West CC
I would suggest that they can the road closure idea, and join other CC's in discussion about traffic in Nairn.

bystander said...

I agree with Observer that there needs to be more discussion about traffic in Nairn.

But let's at least get the facts right and avoid red herrings. West CC seems to be getting flak for something they did not suggest. No-one, in West CC or anywhere else, has "advocated road CLOSURES".

The reports of the West discussion indicate that they raised the idea that through-traffic should somehow be discouraged. There is no suggestion that drivers who are actually coming from, or going to, the area concerned should be prevented from doing so.

splitting hairs said...

An Access Only provision for Altonburn Road would in effect make it off limits for the great majority of people who wished to drive along it. For anyone not living on this road it is hard not to see it as a road closure, as this is what it will mean for the great majority of road users

As has been said in other posts in this subject it's a shame West CC didn't call for debate rather than put forward draconian measures

silver herring said...

Much as the west might like to put the genie back in the bottle I don't think they will fool people with the denial that bystander is putting forward.
Bystander's statement is more a red herring

Anonymous said...

I am guilty (for that is how I now feel) of driving along Altonburn Road with my car and trailer to my allotment at Sandown

I do this not to annoy residents along the route but because I feel it is safer for me rather than along the A96

The West Community Council are cutting themselves off from the rest of Nairn by putting forward the request to close the road to people like me

I hope that no other Nairn Community Councils align themselves with this group, they've lost the plot in my opinion

Anonymous said...

I have read numerous posts and articles on the road closures. I am a resident of the "West" and do not agree with the closures. Is it the case of the CC trying to use their powers to get what they want as they live in this area. Would they be so keen if they lived in another area????