Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Nairn bypass by 2019 if all goes well?

Early yesterday the town’s Community Councils met up with Transport Scotland and their bypass consultants Jacobs. Dick Youngson, chairing the joint meeting of West and Suburban CCs, told those assembled last night in Nairn Academy:

“We had a very good meeting with them and we really sort of confirmed the route, the timescale and almost the finished date of our section.”

Dick added that they pointed out some of the areas where Transport Scotland could look again, particularly areas where farms where seriously bisected but that really the route has been chosen and that he thought that they would stick with it. Dick went on to say that it was the most cost effective route. 

On time-scale Dick said: “We’re really talking about two years to identify contractors and to get the valuers in to negotiate acquisitions, compulsory purchase orders, settling compensation. That will be done quite quickly. Again crossing the railway, there will be accommodations with Railtrack, again quite quickly, once we know what sections of the that are being upgraded to twin track. That obviously dictates the size and length of the railway bridge. It’ll take them three years to build the section from Inverness to the east end of our bypass so almost from now, from today, five years on, if everything goes well; if everything runs, we’ll have a bypass. That’s what the timescale is.”

Dick added that the rest of the A96 route would be finished by 2030. Graham Kerr added a caveat on funding though, he said: 

“Whether the 3 year contract period will start right away, whether five years will see the back of it – there could well be a gap in the middle whilst the funding has to be found.”


Sort of said...

we really sort of confirmed the route

Surely the route is confirmed or it isn't?

Anonymous said...

It is still a preferred route.There is still very deep resentment by those of us badly affected by this bypass. Please don't think that
ANY of this or the routing is any where near being finalised!

Anonymous said...

The route will be subject some variations..depending on ground conditions found when a full study is undertaken, requirements of the Environmental impact assessment ( such as areas affected by flooding) and also any mitigation taken to reduce the impact on those households most impacted by it...but 2E is the route.

Anonymous said...

I know it's different budgets/funding etc but HC announced their intention to cut 1000 jobs today, and this is just the start of the sweeping job loses that the public sector is going to see in the next few years

My question is who's going to be able to afford a car in a few years time to actually drive along the Nairn bypass

It seems to me we are about to embark on a huge white elephant can't object to as it's all signed and sealed and just a matter of awaiting the shovels

I hope Nairnites are happy with the new bypass, the need for which is questionable if only someone had the initiative to tear up the many sets of traffic lights that make travel through the town so painful

At least try it before the first sod is dug?

Anonymous said...

why don't people wake up to the fact that NOTHING is signed or sealed- if you don't like it or it affects you in any way, write to all those who could influence any changes

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe there are people out there that think the bypass is still unnecessary! Yes we are still in a period of austerity but no way will the number of cars passing through Nairn diminish in the years ahead that's delusional.