Thursday, October 02, 2014

Nairn Community Councils to oppose "ghost island" turn off from A96 to proposed development at Delnies

Nairn’s community councils are to oppose changes in the proposed plan for Delnies. At Tuesday night’s combined meeting of the town’s three CCs in the community centre Dick Youngson, chairing the meeting, drew attention to Cawdor Maintenance Trust’s request to Highland Council to vary the conditions of their planning consent for Delnies to provide a ghost-island junction instead of a roundabout which had been agreed previously. 

Those gathered at the meeting were unanimously opposed to the change. Councillors and members of the public claimed that a junction would be less safe and far more dangerous if traffic had to turn across a fast road. The meeting heard that often motorists exceed the national speed limit on this stretch of road and long files of traffic are common. 

It was stated that the roundabout had been meant to provide access to both the Sandown and Delnies sites. 

As part of their new supporting information CMT’s consultants ECS Transport Planning have said:

Gurnites can see the details of the original application and the change proposed here on this Highland Council e-planning page. The new drawings and supporting information are under the documents tag and comments from local residents under the comments tag.

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