Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Strategy Plan from NICE for the River Nairn and Harbour area (includes new deep water outer harbour)

Recently Cllr Michael Green criticised NICE on the lack of action over proposals on harbour development - seem more in this article here: "Working in Partnership is a two-way street". It looks like his concerned comments have prompted action.

NICE's AGM will be taking place in the Community and Arts Centre on Wednesday the 29th and yesterday the organisation published a strategy document for the River and Harbour on their website. In it they state a wide range of outcomes they wish to achieve. On the river they would like to see the following:
"No more gravel extraction from river bed.

Careful thought and restrictions on more pool engineering with SNH and SEPA input as well as Fisheries Board.

Walking path to Firhall with new Firhall Bridge.

Flood risk alleviation by extracting gravel at mouth of river /harbour basin

No extra pollution/storm water to be directed into River Nairn from future development"

They have also published a similar set of actions for the Harbour including: "New harbour design with deep water outer harbour to allow for bigger marina/touring Scandinavian / German boats." They also want to see more flooding protection for the Fishertown and action on sewage. More details here.

NICE are also hopeful of "defining a use" for the Old Social Work Buildings at the AGM. They state in another article: 

"We believe that the only way to make progress on the OSWB and town centre development in general is to sit round the table with our four local councillors and draw up an agreed agenda. This we have now agreed to do before the AGM. As a Community Development Trust we can bring certain things to the table that the local authority cannot so it makes perfect sense to work together. We look forward to our meeting and hope we’ll be able to define a use for the OSWB that will see it used for the benefit of the community." More here.


Anonymous said...

I seem to have been reading articles about NICE proposals for our town for years, but can anyone point me to anything concrete they've actually done?

They seem to be a talking shop from the Prince Charles school of architecture which they cement with bits of social engineering but nothing actually ever happens

Harmless in their own way but interesting that they manage to glean so much publicity.

The nicing on the cake said...

You could make the river and harbour as deep as you want but the tide still goes out and thousands of tonnes of sand get shifted across the channel in winter storms

Of course, NICE might have King Canute type desires that I'm not aware of


No guessing who I am
A Strategy Plan from NICE more like a fantasy plan. Dredge the River- Harbour there are millions of tons waiting at the other side of the Bailey Bridge to fill in what would be removed and as fast! Where will it be removed to?? We have just experienced two of the largest spates on the river for years was Fisher town flooded??No storm water to be directed into River Nairn has no one ever told them God provided rivers and burns for storm water but it will be interesting to know what they will do with it as for deep water harbuor part of there fantasies. Firhall A new bridge that's the second suggestion for a new bridge or is it the same voice! There is nothing wrong with the one that is there CONFIRMED by two engineers reports A simple ramp is all that is required to allow every one access. But being NICE they will know better after all!. My assessment of there plan RUBBISH!. And as I have said before the answer to the old O.S.W.B REVERT THEM BACK TO MUCH NEEDED HOUSING If they can source money for there other fantasies then let them create Homes rather than things for pleasure. Homes are needed pleasure can wait.


austerity said...

NICE must either have very deep water pockets or live in a financial fantasy land

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with many of the negative comments. How long will we have a harbour without extending the breakwater. That alone will cost more money than we could get. Nice would be better concentrating on developing a cheap town strategy for exploiting the coastal town feel, such as the painting suggestion but also pushing more shops/business near the sea front

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:55

There aren't any further shop premises free at the sea front. Is this a NICE suggestion e.g. not doable?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.30
There's talk of upgrading the ruin under deconstruction now but it should be part of a broader scheme. The old golf hut was up for discussion at one point. Could links tea room be expanded/developed. Even the corner flat is for sale in the round room, could that be converted to commercial. Not saying nice should pay for development but could engage with developers and council to make it easier. They may be doing some of this already but judging by most threads on the gurn etc. then it does seem coordinated. If businesses/developers thought there was a plan and support they may be more interested

Anonymous said...

E- Ere!

Absolute nonsense. First think that i thought was there is nothing wrong with the FirHall Bridge, other than maybe a ramp.. What a waste of money that would be, to build a new one, not to mention the other nonsensical Idea's they have come up with, whoever "they" are.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to read so many negative comments on here, Nice might have not achieved much but at least they are trying! The harbour is an asset to the town and wider highland region and for me i would love to see it transformed into something we are proud off

Graisg said...

@ anon 8.53 Corner flat round room? Where's that then?

Anonymous said...

On the corner near the basil. The bottom flat in the round buttress is for sale (or was). Might not be feasible to convert but has wrap around windows and is prominent.

Anonymous said...

Development of the marina..big thumbs up here.

Joined up said...

The only money being spent on the harbour by HC is that of vital repairs, nothing else, such is the state of finances and it will remain like that for many years

I suspect that due to damage that the East pier will be closed for pedestrian access in the near future. The state of repair becomes worse each winter

Nairn will never be a really popular harbour due to the tide and constant shifting sands from the Culbin. It would take £B's to rectify this

Those of us who have lived here long enough will remember that the harbour flats included several shop units on the ground floor. At least two of the businesses that took these on moved into the town and the units were turned into residential use. With the High St failing there is little to suggest that business units at the harbour would have any greater success now

The harbour development has enjoyed a lot of hindsight comment before on the Gurn so I'll not repeat that here

Yes there are a lot of negative comments on this thread with regard to NICE. I suspect that the main reason for that is that people want realistic ideas that have some traction. A lick of paint is possible, making Nairn a deep water harbour is pure fantasy

Might I suggest that before NICE issue statements/plans etc they think about what could actually be done. IF they happen to secure funding then and only then issue plans, otherwise you're just alienating Nairnites with ideas that never, and never will come to fruition. This is meant to be a constructive comment rather than further criticism

Might I suggest that if NICE want to make positive changes they look to the East to our neighbours in Forres and Findhorn who've secured a great deal of funding to improve the area. I'm sure they'd be willing to host a fact finding mission. Look at how they get projects off the drawing board. It'd benefit us all in the long run

A final thought. The idea of a nursery at the stables is a great one. What a shame there isn't someone at the council who could have put the idea forward when it became apparent that people were on the hunt for suitable premises for a nursery, as I'm sure the council knew it was going to offload the stables for some time. This is called joined up thinking, we need more of it from everyone

Anonymous said...

Don't like being negative BUT -
Pie in the Sky
Pigs might fly
Unfortunately these all come to mind.

Come on NICE plan something simple and acheivable or "learn to walk before you try to run".

Captain Pugwash said...

Not only is the harbour crumbling but the marina will soon be finished. Each year Highland Council jack up the prices to beyond extortionate rates and more and more boats are being put up for sale. Maybe our local Councillors should step in and stop this price gouging before the harbour is emptied of boats.

Seaman Staines said...

@ Captain Pugwash

If the harbour dues are so extortionate why is there a waiting list?


Development of the marina..big thumbs up here.
May I suggest you contact our PROVOST he offered me a wheel barrow that I have no use for I can supply you with a fork so you have NO excuse just get on with the job and help the the sailors.

p.s I am not afraid to put me name to silly suggestions

landlubber said...

I'm nae a sailor, but the harbour usually looks pretty full to me. Does anyone know how many berths are actually free, or is there a '% utilisation' figure for the harbour ?

Anonymous said...

NICE have been around for 4 years. Can anyone list their achievements?
Personally I think they've blown it. I'm putting my money on the brand new River CC Enterprise to get things done.

Wouldn't it be NICE said...

There is some silt in the harbour, maybe a foot or so at most but beneath that is bedrock. Have NICE considered how this is going to be removed?

Explosives or drilling are the usual methods but this might prove just a little disruptive to many local residents

As money is no object to NICE maybe they should consider a new harbour to the west by the skerries which was once earmarked for it. This would allow them to start again and Nairn would benefit from another attraction

One small request, could NICE make the sky blue today and give us back some of the summer sunshine, I'm sure with their resources this is quite a reasonable job for them to do

Anonymous said...

We believe that the only way to make progress on the OSWB and town centre development in general is to sit round the table with our four local councillors and draw up an agreed agenda

Have you no worn out the chairs yet or the seats of your trousers. Get up and do something but don't sit passing more hot air