Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Wednesday Miscellany – radioactive cargo at anchor – doggie jobbie watch and River Nairn calms down

Bratach has published an image of the MV Parida at anchor in the Cromarty Firth (as seen from Nairn Beach). The stricken vessel with its radioactive waste cargo was towed there after a fire broke out on board. Details on a BBC news page here. 
Meanwhile the river has calmed down a little after the downpour last night. The Gurn understands that 72.2mm of rain fell in the Cawdor area last night.

The Scotrail franchise is to be no more and a Dutch state-owned company are taking over. Transport Scotland’s press release details the forthcoming take over and apparently bicycles were something to do with it? I wonder if we will ever get back to the old days when it was possible to turn up unannounced at a railway station with your bike and just put it in the goods van. These days you have to book 24hours in advance. It would make awaydays from Nairn on your bicycle a bit more adventurous (and spontaneous). 

Much talk recently about Lidl and supermarkets in general and their effect on Nairn High Street recently. One of our regular readers links us to a Guardian article that suggests that supermarkets as we know them could be on their way out. Surely not or is it time to expand the irregular Nairn Farmers Market a little? 

Still not picking up your doggie jobbies? You could be in line for a fine, one of our regular readers reports increased patrols from the dog warden on the Links and the Maggot. 

Our article on the CCs/Murd and housing has attracted quite a bit of comment. Murd has come back in on that thread too with more thoughts. More here.

UPDATE: A Police Scotland statement re the MV Parida:

"The multi-agency partners working together on the MV Parida maritime incident can confirm the vessel has been brought alongside a secure pier within the Port of Cromarty Firth site tonight, Wednesday 8th October 2014.
This is to allow repair work to be completed. There are no public safety concerns with the vessel or its cargo. The integrity of the vessel and the cargo has not been affected by the maritime incident.
The vessel will remain alongside the pier with appropriate security measures until the repair work is completed. Once a final inspection has taken place, a decision will be made on when the vessel can resume its journey."

Call To Devolve Nuclear Regulation After Ship Catches Fire Off Scottish Coast. More on the Scottish Statesman site. 


Anonymous said...

Bikes on Trains - why what a novel idea, we have to use the trains on the bikes because of the poor cycle path links out of Nairn - you could always use the unofficial nairn bypass route at your peril to get out west....

as for the Farmers market - i'm all for it, but why do the Strawberries i bought at the Market so more expensive than the Scottish strawberries bought at the Supermarket, when they are making a huge profit and factor in packaging and transport costs. Should it not be the reverse!
If we want these markets to thrive and survive they have to offer value for the same products!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:39


Anonymous said...

I read with interest that the very same night the vessel caught fire with nuclear waste onboard that same evening there was a fire at Dounreay itself , coincedence ?