Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekend miscellany

One of our regular readers has had a wee gurn about overhanging brambles and vegetation on the brae that runs alongside Mill Road (image here). Our correspondent claims that they are scratching vehicles. And further up as the road ventures into Church Street, another one of our regulars, Murd, tells us that he is surprised to see that the unofficial 10 m.p.h. sign (image here) is still attached to a post outside the Vic. Murd told the Gurn that a local Highland Councillor had told him some time ago that it was illegal and that it would be removed. 

Another warm day and another large intake of holidaymakers down at Parkdean Lochloy, they could be seen venturing out beyond the site and across the Bailey Bridge today as they enjoyed the October sunshine. A gale is promised over what remains of the weekend but still the temperature doesn’t look like it is dropping in the short term. A wee bit about the local caravan site here on the company’s main site blog here – an article that details a recent VisitScotland upgrade for the local site. 

Nairn County pick up three points at Fort William  today by winning 1-3. They are now exactly mid-table. Earlier this week they inflicted a 7-1 defeat on Wednesday night’s visitors to Station Park, Rothes. Perhaps that tally can be seen in another light this evening with the shock news that Rothes beat Forres 5-2 at home today – the Highland League is full of surprises this season. Nairn County will find a true test of their mettle this coming Wenesday night however when the league leaders Wick come to town for yet another mid-week fixture. 

Tommy Hogg, in his capacity of Chair of River CC, gets quoted in the Press and Journal today in relation to developing news about the proposed development at Balmakeith. Tommy told the P&J: 

“We have had the chance to discuss the proposals at our own meeting and a joint community council meeting and I would say most people are welcoming the idea.“Of course there’s a few people who are concerned that it might harm the town centre but I think on the whole it will be a good thing.” 

A recent YouGov poll (drilled down into regions) pointed to Labour falling behind the Tories in Scotland. The Tories were on 20% and Labour on 19%. Quite a drop but only one poll, subsequent polls will see just how deep the defections to the SNP have been and whether this is a permanent move for many folk. The LibDems are on 9%. See the poll details in full here. Scottish constituencies have their quirks however, so maybe things might not be quite so bad for Danny on his home turf. What better place to look than the bookies for immediate guidance – Danny it looks very tight for you according to William Hill but it’s a long way to the finishing line in May.

Re housing, here is a comment we received on this South Nairn thread:

"My husband and I both work in Nairn, our children are at school in Nairn, my husband was brought up in Nairn. We have been on the council list for about 15 years even after he has served his country in the Army. We are not in a position to buy a house. We are homeless in two months. Nairn needs housing at reasonable rents not extortionate private rents with no stability. We have even had to apply to Moray council as they have been building more properties. We dont want to move out of Nairn but may have to."

More evidence, if any were ever needed, that it is time for Highland Council to get off its collective backside and build some social housing on Sandown – or empower/enable the community to do it! It’s Nairn’s land – let’s have houses for Nairn residents  that are on the waiting list and sooner rather than later please.

Sin agad e bhuamsa a-nochd a chĂ irdean, bidh sinn air ais aig an aon am a-maireach - that's it from us tonight  folks, we'll be back at the same time tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Glad to see River Community Council lending their full weight to supporting the High Street.......

Would have been interesting to see a Gurn poll titled 'Would you like to see a Lidl in Nairn'

Graisg said...

Sorry anon 5.06, interesting but we have decided not to publish.