Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Flood warning for Nairn Wednesday 8th October

SEPA state on their website:

"Heavy rain has caused the River Nairn and tributaries to rise during Tuesday night. River levels are expected to remain high during Wednesday morning.

Agricultural land and low lying properties along the River Nairn between Broadley and Fishertown in Nairn are at risk of flooding. Fishertown and low lying areas of Nairn downstream of the railway bridge may be at additional risk of flooding during around the time of the high tide around midday on Wednesday."

More information here. Additional warnings for River Park and Nairn Side (Cawdor) are available too here and here. 

Update 09.47 - parts of the riverside paths in town centre now impassable - take care. More pictures of the river today here. 

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