Thursday, October 30, 2014

River CC update their internet prescence and put "Nairn River Enterprise" documents online

River Community Council have recently added more pages to their website. You can now access all the minutes for 2014 from one page. There is also a page that links to copies of letters they have recently written. A new page too for the nascent River CC creation "Nairn River Enterprise" which contains some documents and minutes of the new organisation's meetings so far. 

Nairn River Enterprise's steering group includes three Highland Councillors, Laurie Fraser, Colin MacAulay and Liz MacDonald, Tommy Hogg and Simon Noble of River CC, the Rev Steven Manders, Archire McLaren of Broadley Garden Centre, Gill MacLean CAB manager, Susan Jardine and Nicola MacKenzie of Highland Council Employability service and Raymond Barton the manager of Sainsbury's. 

It certainly looks like River Enterprise have the active backing and involvement of Highland Council. More details on the River Community Council pages here.