Saturday, October 25, 2014

A riverside tree to watch out for on these windy days?

Our Riverside correspondent Murd tells us that he believes that the tree pictured above (just below the Whinnieknowe brae and sheltered housing) has shifted a little after a branch recently fell off the supporting tree. The Gurn understands that Murd has alerted River Community Council and hopes they will push his concerns up the municipal chain towards Highland Council.  Larger image of tree here. Worth a look upwards when passing this spot perhaps?


Murd Dunbar said...

For the good of the town.
At the last joint C.C meeting.A member of the public suggested that the community should do more them selves to tidy things up. Well no names no pack drill here is your chance to use the chain saw you were on about and do something for the good of the town. And practice what you preach.


Anonymous said...

Some did help with the driftwood (small impact perhaps) and have in the past with trees in the river etc. The public felling trees over public access is perhaps not the best thing to be advising though.

Murd Dunbar said...

I agree.
But the comment made was lets just get on with the job never mind the regulations or words to that effect. I did say where and when they could meet up and help to keep the river side tidy needless to say no one turned up. As for the tree overhanging the foot path if it was not highlighted in this way. Like every thing else it would get ignored and left to fall on someone.