Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Highland Times – a new digital “paper” launched recently – “We are the David taking on the established Goliaths up here in The Highlands”

Any Gurnites that now source their news online might like to give the Highland Times a try. This observer has bookmarked the site and will watch how things develop with interests. The news outlet went live on the 15th of September and here’s what those behind the new venture had to say a few days prior to that on their facebook page.
About Us:

"We want this to be a paper by the people for the people.

We are a small group of friends, all from and based in the Highlands of Scotland, the idea to create our own paper is something that I have been thinking of and trying to bring to fruition for nigh on a decade. At last it’s happening, so as they say we live in very interesting times.

We are the David taking on the established Goliaths up here in The Highlands.

We are using our own money and hopefully with the help of the public we hope to take on the existing, established Media Giants here in The Highlands.

Compared to our rivals The Highland Times resources are minimal but if endeavour has anything to do with it we hope to succeed.

Ram Designs of Dunbar have done an excellent job of creating the site, taking our vision of what we wanted and making it reality. So kudos to Scot for listening and getting it right.

We are all really excited about this venture. We are looking forward to putting the hours in and making it a great site. There is no doubt that we have formidable opponents. We just hope the public will get on board with us and help us make it a viable alternative for people who want to know what’s happening in the area quickly and succinctly.

So we look forward to welcoming you, the reader on-board and we hope we can bring to the market a product that you will like and use."


Anonymous said...

Shame that someone launching a digital publication in 2014 feels the need to make it look like a newspaper, many of us use tablets and smart phones and the format it's in is far from ideal for viewing.

It sounds like harsh criticism but I wish them well and getting the look right at the start is very important.

Another 'news' website won't get them far in this digital age

Anonymous said...

I will give it a try. If it turns out to be a newspaper that is PRO or ANTI any political party or favouring either side of the NEVEREVERENDUM I will delete it from my list.
Impartial reporting of news and events in the Highlands is what I want, I hope the name "Highland Times" will reflect the contents. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:45

Intrigued. Under your criteria could you give us the names of any newspapers you've actually found to buy or read then, I suspect the answer will be none?