Friday, October 31, 2014

Highland Council's Nairn Common Good 14 year howler - £187K cash back - what Colin said

Cllr Colin MacAulay was much briefer than Liz or Michael when he spoke to the chamber in Glenurquhart Road as the corporate entity that is Highland Council held its head in collective shame and contrition over the appalling administration of Nairn Common Good funds, he said:

“I was going to begin mine with “least said soonest mended”. I don’t any point in rubbing salt in anybody’s wounds over this. The key issue I think really is to thank the people who unearthed it and to thank the Council for holding its hands up and admitting liability. I really am grateful to Derek and particularly to Louise, Liz and Lyn. Going forward I think the Nairn community need to be confident that basically, common good assets are being given a thorough airing every month at ward business meetings. They are also now being given a very public scrutiny at Area Committee meetings and we should all be embarrassed over this not just the four Nairn trustees. Trustees going back through the years but all 80 of us. We are all the guardians of that. We did let people down and I’m grateful to Derek and hopefully people today in terms of recompensing Nairn. Thanks very much. "

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