Monday, January 19, 2015

2 Common Marmoset monkeys stolen from a garden in Balmakeith Drive Nairn on Saturday 17th January Between 16:30 and 22:50

Please have a read of the following police appeal and see if you have any information which might help solve this crime. 

Between 16:30 and 22:50 on Saturday 17th January 2015, 2 Common Marmoset monkeys were taken from an external, insecure enclosure located within a garden in the Balmakeith Drive area, Nairn.

The theft closely follows an unknown male attending at the property offering to carry out gutter cleaning services and thereafter expressing an interest in purchasing the monkeys, which was declined.

The male is described as: white, late 20s, short, medium build, roundish face, no glasses, no facial hair, well presented with no distinctive accent.

The monkeys were aged 12 months and 11 weeks respectively, with the older one being approximately 8” in height with distinctive white fur markings on the tips of the ears and the younger monkey approximately 3” in height, darker in colour with no white markings.

Although bred as domestic pets, the monkeys should be considered wild animals which require specialist care and feeding. The older monkey can and will be aggressive if handled and this may result in scratches and/or serious bites occurring. The SSPCA advises members of the public if you come across the monkeys not to handle them and to contact them in the first instance on 03000 999 999

Police are appealing for anyone with information as to the whereabouts of these animals or those person(s) responsible for their disappearance to contact them urgently on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111


Pessimist said...

It's time for people in Nairn to start becoming street wise to the unscrupulous people who are knocking about these days. In particular I hate seeing people leaving their dogs tied up outside shops. It only takes a minute for someone to lift them then bang, your beloved pet is gone to who knows what or for whatever purposes. We live in different times, people, time to start paying attention and being aware on what could happen.
I hope there is a happy ending in regards to the monkey's but sadly, and realistically, I don't think there will be.

Anonymous said...

Hope the owner gets them back ... most people in Nairn are too trusting, you need to be more vigilant, there are a lot of chancers out there ... wake up Nairn, it`s your property they want to steal from you!