Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Windsor Hotel worries for the westies

Secretary of Nairn West CC, Brian Stewart, told those assembled for his organisation's meeting in Nairn Academy last night of concerns continuing from around Christmas time of residents worried about the empty Windsor Hotel and the possibilities of people gaining entry and also of a potential fire risk. He told the meeting that the Police and fire brigade were on the case. 

Rosemary Young, Chair of West CC then spoke. “When we were speaking to the police about it, it came on the back of one of our residents ringing me about the worry that people were breaking in. [...] Where they were getting in, must have been an absolute bonanza for kids, and having parties, has been blocked off and there’s some police tape over there and the police are satisfied nobody is getting in because the tape hasn’t been broken since.” 

Rosemary was then asked whether the building could be put back into a hotel or put to other use. She replied: “I think it would be quite difficult to get it up and running without a lot of money being spent.”

On whether a developer could turn the former Windsor into luxury apartments Rosemary added:

“I think it is unlikely. This is me speaking as the previous owner. It think it is unlikely you could turn it into luxury flats because of the way all the four buildings have been cobbled together there. [...] I think it’s destined to be pulled down eventually but that is purely a personal opinion.”

Liz MacDonald also added that the licence for the hotel had not been renewed.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the license for the hotel hasn't been renewed

Anonymous said...

It would of course have to be 'luxury apartments' that it was converted to rather than affordable housing, couldn't have that in the west end could we?

Graisg said...

re tape and previous investment comments. :-) and thanks but better not post