Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gritting - did a couple of spots get overlooked due to pressure of workload and cuts

One of our regular readers Brian made some observations this morning. 

He told us earlier: "traffic is struggling to get out of Lochloy Road at the moment, as that small incline to the A96 is covered with ice – many cars just cannot pull out once on the incline. The traffic jam to get onto the A96 now extends the length of Lochloy Road to the new flats."

Brian also stated that he felt that Duncan Drive hadn't been adequately gritted too and there and elsewhere cars were litterally skidding out onto the A96. Obviously there are priorities and the Council cannot get everywhere at once when there is an extreme overnight frost on top of snow/sleet/rain but are the cutbacks kicking in already?


Anonymous said...

I waited at the bottom of the incline. When it turned to green, I got up the slope no bother at all and straight through the lights.

All people had to do was exercise a bit of common sense.

I sat through FOUR changes of red/green before the car at the front of the queue (9 in front of me when I got there)managed to move.

It was this that caused the problem, not the icy road, but the fact people were stopping on the slope

People need to learn how to drive to the conditions better!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:12

I got stuck on the slope before I realised there was ice on it, silly me of course and I should obviously learn to drive better as you say

Is it just me or is there a distinct lack of gritting of late?

Anonymous said...


Yes you obviously do

And yes there is

pedant said...


I wasn't going to mention your grammar but I just did