Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Police appeal for witnesses - vehicle collided with mobility scooter on Cawdor Raod, Nairn 12.30 15th January

Police are appealing for information in relation to a road traffic collision that occurred in Nairn on Thursday 15th January 2015.

About 1230 hours on Thursday 15th January, a vehicle travelling along Cawdor Road, Nairn, in the direction of the hospital, collided with a mobility scooter that was travelling on the path in the same direction.

The driver of the scooter - an elderly male - was taken to Raigmore Hospital for treatment.

Anyone who witnessed this incident please is encouraged to contact Police on 101.


trafficker said...

A car travelling along Cawdor Road....collides with a mobility scooter travelling on the path (presumably they mean the pavement?).

Perhaps the planners might like to note this when they discuss Cawdor Road's safety and capacity with those who want to build a massive housing estate at Nairn South generating lots more traffic along that road, past the hospital, and under the railway.

Graisg said...

@ trafficker not a car but a "vehicle".

Anonymous said...


Is a car not a vehicle?

Appreciate it could have been all manner of motorised things on wheels, Police are either not saying or don't know

I hope the the rider of the scooter recovers okay

dr-grigor said...

I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, but i have noticed certain some of the people in Nairn who use a mobility scooter,aretotally endangering there lifes and others by taking there scooter straight on to the main A96 and travelling on the road with huge tailbacks behind them, when they could very easily take to the wide pavement, so these folk on there scooters should receive road training of somesort, before someone gets seriously injured and a possible ban of them using main roads, I have witnessed these goings on with my own eyes !

Graisg said...

Apparently you can go on the road with a class 3 invalid carraige Doc but it has to be registered.

Anonymous said...

Whoa Dr-grigor

As Craisg says it's perfectly legal for many people to be on the roads using such vehicles. It's up to other road users to show some care and consideration just as they would for pedestrians/cyclist/horses etc

Respect for other road users, who knows as to when we might to use that mode of transport

Anonymous said...

Why is it some car drivers regard themselves as kings of the road and have no time for anyone else who has a perfect right to be there

As readers might have guessed I'm a cyclist and get really fed up by the attitude of some of my fellow road users

I have as much right to be there as them but I'm afraid I too have been told to 'get on the pavement' before now when cycling along the A96 in Nairn

It's people like that that need more road training, maybe even resit their driving test or attend classes regarding the highway code

End of rant!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

As readers might have guessed I'm a cyclist and get really fed up by the attitude of some of my fellow road users

Well i'm really fed up with the attitude of quite a lot of cyclists.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:36 PM

Sounds as though you could use a cycletherapist

Try Nairn's excellent bike shop for a sympathetic ear

dr-grigor said...

Yes it maybe so that some of these mobility scooters are legal to be on the main road, but surely common sense dictates that surely if you are building up and causing a huge tailback on what is an extremely busy road with huge lorries passing by, and there is a very wide pavement with enough room for both pedestrians and the odd scooter then not only would it be much safer for the person on the scooter to go on the pavement, even if it is only for ten minutes so that the half mile tailback they have caused can ease up, Tractors do it !its not if it a little side road where you would be safe enough but the main A96 road, There is absolutely no need for a mobilirty scooter to be travelling on what already is a very buisy and dangerous road, Its the safety of these folk that concerns me, if you walk down like i do from cranloch to the town down the main road, 99% of cyclists do not go on the main road as they fear for there safety and i don't blame them, so surely just for that stretch of road it would make much more sense for them to follow suit

ivan opinion said...

The solution is to design and build routes wherever possible which provide safe cycleways for bikes and mobility scooters, alongside and separate from the main highway used by trucks and cars and the pavements used by pedestrians.

That way the different kinds of user won't be competing or posing a hazard to each other.

Other countries do this - even some other towns in UK do so. It's just a matter of sensible planning.

Graisg said...

re @Kamikazee's thanks for that but we have decided not to publish