Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Alexander Brodie can claim legal expenses in Kingsteps gate row

The Kingsteps Gate row went to the Court of Session in Edingburgh today and it certainly took a surprise twist. The BBC reports:

"A clan chief has been allowed to claim expenses in a legal dispute with a council about a gate allegedly blocking public access to a beauty spot.

Highland Council was found liable to Alexander Brodie of Brodie, the 27th Clan Chief of Brodie, for costs in the case at a hearing in Edinburgh.

The dispute about Nairn's Kingsteps has been running for two years.

Highland Council has sought to abandon its legal action against Mr Brodie, but may raise fresh proceedings."  More here on the BBC site.

Perhaps Highland Council will make their reasons for their abandonment of its legal action against Alexander Brodie public - after all taxpayer's money must have been spent along the long and winding legal road to Edinburgh. Maybe the Council will clarify its position in a press release in due course. 

Flashback to Dec 1st  2012 and Alexander Brodie installing the controversial gate