Sunday, January 18, 2015

Progress report for Councillors on two major Nairn planning applications this coming Tuesday (20th Jan)

Going before the Highland Council South Planning Committee in Inverness on Tuesday are updates on the Cawdor Maintenance Trust plans for Delnies and also the Charles Allenby proposal for South Nairn. The recommomendation to Councillors is: "That the current position of these applications is noted."

The Cawdor Maintenance Trust details are: "Mixed use development of 300 houses; tourism and heritage, equestrian and ecological centres; hotel and conference facilities; championship golf course, clubhouse and golf academy; community woodland and country park with associated infrastructure."

And under the progress heading: "At its meeting on 27 March 2012 the Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey Planning Applications Committee were minded to grant permission subject to prior conclusion of a S75 legal agreement. This has been drafted and the terms generally agreed. In September 2014 the applicant submitted an amended access to the site; substituting a right hand turning lane for a roundabout. Neighbours were re-notified and the amended scheme was re-advertised on 03 October 2014. A decision will be made in early 2015."  

The full details of this application can be browsed here.  Once on that application's main file page those serious students of local planning matters will be able to browse a number of objections from local community councils and individuals to the change from a roundabout to a right hand turning lane. 

Now the Charles Allenby application. This application was in fact a rival one to the Scotia consortium bid that was rejected after a hearing with a Scottish Office Reporter. It is detailed as:

"Mixed use development including community facilities/local neighbourhood centre including Class 1/2/3 uses: 250 houses, open space, railway bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, landscaping and landscape buffer, access and transport improvements, associated infrastructure and land for business and industry including sawmill expansion area."

The progress of this application is detailed as: "Written to applicant to advise that they may wish to withdraw the application in light of Reporters decision in respect of the adjacent development at Nairn South. Applicant has advised that it wishes to address the matters raised by submission of a new TA. No suggestion made on how to progress other matters previously raised. Proceed to determined the application rather than await further information - likely to be determined prior to end February 2015."  

The full details of this application can be browsed here. Regular readers will need no reminding of how South Nairn planning issues have caused outrage in recent years in Nairn which culminated with a major protest when the planning committee came to town in September 2013.

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