Saturday, January 10, 2015

Meanwhile over into Moray and along the coast a little - it's New Year's Day all over again

Bliadhna ùr paganach Torr an Dùin 10 Faoilleach, Losgadh a' Chléibhidh 2015. Pagan New year Burghead 10 th January Burning of the Clavie 2015.


Anonymous said...

Was it not held on the 10th rather than the 9th January?

Graisg said...

yes well spotted, will change that

Fishertown loon said...

Can remember years ago when the Scouts used to have a massive bonfire every year at the harbour and gather wood from all over and get help from local buisnesses. Cant ever see that happening again in Nairn. To many moaners and health and safety issues now. Well done to The Burghead Clavie for keeping this tradition for over 300 yrs.