Thursday, January 29, 2015

Will the Westies and the Subbies get to the Church on time?

On Tuesday night in Nairn Academy there were two Community Council meetings held very separately but the main players from each watchdog team (West and Suburban) were there to listen to and witness each other's meetings. 

The West Community Council and their Suburban counterparts are ready and willing to go to the altar to be joined in municipal matrimony and hope to be joined as a couple by the time the Community Council elections come round in November 2015.

The Gurn understands that before that however they have to submit details of the reasoning behind their intention to unite to Highland Council - a detailed prospectus and other details of the impacts etc. It may be perhaps that the ward manager Liz Cowie that will perform the ceremony once everything has been checked or maybe the heavyweights from Glenurquhart Road may wish to officiate at the happy event. 

It still seems that River Community Council are not up for the  ménage à trois that would give Nairn a chance to recreate something along the lines of the Old District Council but it seems there are moves in the background to set up an official association of Nairnshire Community Councils in the same way as has successfully implemented in Easter Ross and other parts of Scotland and this is a potential organisation that could lobby Highland Council and others on matters that were mutually beneficial to all community councils in the area.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Community Councils based around natural smaller communities would be better? Auldearn works because it is focused on Auldearn - and it just gets on and does things for the village. Wouldn't an Achareidh CC work well for Achareidh and a Tradespark CC work well for Tradespark and a Queenspark CC for Queenspark Etc Etc?
Do the Community Councils intend to ask Nairn's various communities what they think? Any options for consultation? Do our views matter?

Anonymous said...

If this is a form of district council then the river community council should have a say in it.Ithink things are better run small and local,it could be a good thing for the town.