Friday, January 02, 2015

Murd's New Year message

Murd has prepared a little list for us: 

 Some of things that have been said and happened around the river:

1 I Reported horse droppings well you can read my replies to that.

2 Been accused of being a strange man with a camera most people have one and do take pictures of what can be seen around the river. So beware MURD is out there with one. 

3 Glory seeking when I was filmed doing my bit for the community clearing a fallen tree but thats the kind of thing I do { born in to all shankies to cut timber}

4 Try to put a bit of Christmas sprit on river side by decorating trees. That brought acquisitions of putting litter on trees. But did notice the complainer did not tidy it up so maybe it was said in jest? That attracted people with cameras to take photographs. Plus had the pleasure of carol singers at the tree. Thanks Girls.

5 Have been told A perfectly good bridge requires to be knocked down when all that is needed is a free standing ramp so all bodies can cross but some people wont listen or just don't want to know. So that's one I will have to keep working on and will do at every chance I get. And rest assured if I think somthing has to be said I will regardless who or what is stopping A ramp being installed I will say it.

6 When speaking up for the need for homes to be buitlt for those who need them and mentioned the I had Grandchildren who needed a home was told they could move to Tornagrain. So much for a caring society .

There you go part of what took place in 2014. Feel free to make what ever comment you want if the GURN will print I will take as good as I hand out.

Wishing you all the readers no matter where in the world all the very best for the year to come.  Rounding off events in 2014 and looking forward to 2015 remember no mater how bad it is some one is worse off than you. 



Anonymous said...

keep up your good work murd,you are a credit to Nairn,maybe,sometime in the future,you could organise a morris dancing class,ans also,a yodelling seminar,i would be interested in that

MURD said...

Na NA Bothy ballads and cornkisters
wid be more of an interest to me ye ken.

Anonymous said...

Narook is clearly after the Austrian/English experience, nae the Scottish wan ;-)

Growtosow said...

Keep up the good work Murdoch. Hope you get the firhall bridge sorted out. Then perhaps we could put up a notice about it in our new notice board. Once they find the key that is. All the best for the new year.

MURD said...

It would be A good start just to be able to put up a sketch on the notice board of what is required at the bridge for all to to see but maybe that's why the key is missing?

growtosow said...

yes indeed it would be good for folk to see what is needed for the firhall bridge. such a shame that this has not been done. so all could walk around the river and enjoy it.