Thursday, January 08, 2015

Nairn Riverside and Broadhill from above

The third in a series of airborne videos from David Clark.


Anonymous said...

Another great high quality video but I have one wee request to Mr Clark, could you please slow down when you are turning round, I'm getting seasick and dizzy when you go to fast! Well done though, as I've said before it gives a whole new perspective to the town. It's fascinating to see the route the river takes and how much it starts to bend from the old cemetery onwards.

It's interesting to see how much building has gone on out at Lochloy, I suppose because it's off the main drag we don't notice so much and the size of the ongoing development has just crept up on us. The houses seem to very densely packed compared to places like Boathpark, Queenspark and Broadhill.

Anonymous said...

These videos are very refreshing to watch, with the different perspective it gives. Well done, Does Mr Clarke do requests for the tradespark area?

David Clark said...


I also agree in the speed that the camera rotates being too fast, I will do fresh ones of the following;

Harbour and Beach, Riverside, Showfield, Sandown, Both Golf Clubs & the far end of the East Beach.

Hopefully I will get them posted by the start of the week, dependant on the weather conditions!

Glad that you appreciate the perspective that it gives of the town.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Clark for considering my tradespark request, I will very much look forward to seeing your finished edition. :-)