Thursday, February 19, 2015

Airborne videos - Old Bar and Kingsteps and also Sandown and Tradespark from David Clark

More stunning videos from David Clark

1) Old Bar and Kingsteps

2) Sandown and Tradespark


David Shaw said...

I particularly like the Kingsteps video with it's new take on a selfie! I wonder if David has a zoom facility on the camera as I would have liked to see a closer view of the birds along the shoreline (knot?) and on Ministers Pool but without the drone going close in and spooking the birds?

Anonymous said...

Very nice Mr Clark, it's lovely to see the tidy and spacious housing of Tradespark from above and the surrounding beautiful open countryside not too far away. Well done ��

Unknown said...


The camera has no zoom facility, it can take stills, if there are any other parts of Nairnshire you would like to see, then please let me know.