Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Today's news from Nairn - all out there on Twitter

The P&J has a picture of a fire crew at an incident in Nairn.  Scottish Water are stating some customers in IV12 Nairn are experiencing disruptions to supply. A picture of  a work from Black Isle Bronze has appeared online - the Dallas monument to Adam Smith apparently and Scottish Baker of the year is about to be launched in Nairn it seems. Finally a local resident has made a complaint to Scotrail about mess in a station car park. 


Anonymous said...

its about time scotrail or council do something about the mess under Cawdor road bridge regarding pigeon muck,its unsightly,and a health hazard,same goes for courthouse lane a disgusting sight,not a good advert for nairn

Anonymous said...

I couldn't comment on the fairtrade post. Thought your readers may find this research interesting

Anonymous said...

The pavement under the railway bridge at Grant's garage is also a disgrace. Apart from the obvious health hazards of so much pigeon poo there is a high risk of someone slipping in it.